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Sunday Family Buffet: Mexican cuisine

Sunday Family Buffet: Mexican cuisine

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On the 6th of May, we set off on the last pre-creative culinary journey. The cuisine that we presented combines Indian traditions with the influence of the Spanish conquistadores and is based largely on the use of maize, over 20 kinds of beans and various types of chili pepper. Do you know? On May 6, we invited our guests to Amber Side for the Sunday Family Buffet: Mexican cuisine!

Sunday Family Buffet events are events where the flavors of the world cuisine are intertwined with culinary education, language learning, and a unique, family atmosphere. We offer our guests varied dishes, with the freshest ingredients. The Amber Side cooks, under the guidance of the Head of Gastronomy Kamil Hildebrandt, prepare a menu consisting of traditional dishes decorating tables all over the world!

For our youngest guests, we try to make our visit to Amber Side as much as their parents do. During the buffet, the children who visit us learn along with the carer simple phrases and basic words in the language of the „visited” country, deal with coloring books or take over the ownership of ECSowy Playground;)

The full menu of the Sunday Family Buffet: Mexican cuisine!

The price of the buffet is PLN 79 / person. Children under 9 years participate in the event for free. Restrictions: 666 368 334 or


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