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Sunday Family Buffet: Spanish cuisine

Sunday Family Buffet: Spanish cuisine

By In GłównePosty

On February 18, the first Sunday Family Buffet took place at the Amber Side restaurant in the European Solidarity Center. The theme of our culinary journey became sunny Spain!

Sunday Family Buffet is a periodic meeting, during which we bring our guests the finest cuisine from all corners of the world. During the first this year’s buffet, we introduced participants to traditional Spanish dishes. The buffets organized at the European Solidarity Center are also an opportunity to spend a Sunday afternoon in a nice circle of friends and family.

As part of culinary meetings, we provide help to a qualified babysitter, who in the form of play teaches the pupils basic phrases in the native language of the „visited” region.

Upcoming Sunday Family Buffet:

March 4 – Sunday Family Buffet: Thai cuisine
March 18 – Sunday Family Buffet: French cuisine
April 8 – Sunday Family Buffet: Greek cuisine
April 22 – Sunday Family Buffet: Italian cuisine
May 6 – Sunday Family Buffet: Mexican cuisine

The price of the buffet is PLN 79 / person. Children under 9 years participate in the event for free.

Reservations: 666 368 334

MENU of the Sunday Family Buffet – Spanish cuisine