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Sunday Family Buffet: French cuisine

Sunday Family Buffet: French cuisine

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On March 18, at Amber Side, the European Solidarity Center held another culinary journey „with a fork on the map”. This time we have made all the grooms and their children a meeting with romantic French cuisine and its aromatic dishes. And to the youngest, hungry of knowledge, we proposed learning basic phrases in the language of love.

As part of the next regular meeting, our chefs, under the supervision of the Head of Gastronomy Kamil Hildebrandt, prepared dishes for you that have been dominating on French tables for years. escalopes of turkey breast, fish soup – bouillabaisse, duck rillettes or vegetables stewed in Provencal style. As usual, there was also a sweetness. Guests of the Sunday Family Buffet also had the opportunity to taste French macaroons or the famous creme brulee.

The Sunday Family Buffet is an event created for families with children who are supervised by a qualified babysitter during the meal. Pupils during the buffet learn simple phrases and basic words in the language of the „visited” country! Oui?

A full menu of the upcoming buffet.

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The price of the buffet is PLN 79 / person. Children under 9 years participate in the event for free.

Reservations: 666 368 334


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