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Sunday Family Buffetes

Sunday Family Buffetes

By In GłównePosty

Time for another trips! From mid-February, the Head of Amber Side Gastronomy, Kamil Hildebrandt, returns to you with our cyclical, culinary journeys full of flavor – Sunday Family Buffet. This time, we will visit three continents.

Sunday Family Buffet means meetings with international cuisine taking place regularly in our Amber Side restaurant at the European Solidarity Center. So far, our guests have had the opportunity to get acquainted with the flavors of Mediterranean, Italian and Greek cuisine, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Great Poland cuisine, and even the cuisine typical of the People’s Poland past!

This year, as part of the Sunday Family Buffet, we suggest you get to know the typical culinary flavors from three continents:

February 18 – Sunday Family Buffet: Spanish cuisine
March 4 – Sunday Family Buffet: Thai cuisine
March 18 – Sunday Family Buffet: French cuisine
April 8 – Sunday Family Buffet: Greek cuisine
April 22 – Sunday Family Buffet: Italian cuisine
May 6 – Sunday Family Buffet: Mexican cuisine

See you at Amber Side!