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New a’la carte menu in ECS

New a’la carte menu in ECS

By In GłównePosty
A new autumn a’la carte menu has arrived in our restaurant at the European Solidarity Center.                                                      The classics remained on the menu but they were joined by seasonal offers.

Our new menu looks like:

Steak tartat served with pickled onion, pistachios and salami picante

Roasted beetroot tartar with gorgonzola cheese, honeyed pistachios, pear chips and rocket pesto

Pickled herring with shallots, pickled cucumber, apple, sour cream and dried black olives powder

Cream of roasted garlic soup with chive olive

Creamy spice fish soup with pieces of Baltic fish

Corn-fed chicken breast served with baked root vegetables and beetroot and thyme mousse

Pork tenderloin served with bulgur with vegetables, caramelized beetroot, celeriac and apple mousse and wild mushrooms sauce

Pan fried fillet of zander  with  Potatoes Au Gratin  , caramelized carrot and caper sauce

Cod fillet served with black lentils with dried tomatoes and sunflower seeds, broccoli and sauerkraut salad

Bulgur with pickled pumpkin and peanut butter

Vegan falafel with grilled vegetables and yoghurt and mint dip



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