MENU for Sunday Family Buffet: Christams edition (16.12) – Amber Side – restauracja i catering

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MENU for Sunday Family Buffet: Christams edition (16.12)

MENU for Sunday Family Buffet: Christams edition (16.12)

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The smell of a fresh Christmas tree, gingerbread spice scattered in the kitchen, quietly hummed carols … Are you also looking forward to Christmas? We could not wait any longer, so for the last (in this year) Sunday Family Buffet we invite you to a tasting of Christmas dishes. See what Christmas delicacies will be prepared by the Amber Side team …


  • Creamy mushroom soup served with dumplings
  • Christmas Eve borsch with a patty with cabbage and mushrooms


  • Wrapped zander fillet stuffed with vegetables served on porcini mushrooms sauce
  • Roasted duck leg served on a brown cabbage with cranberry sauce
  • Beef roulades stuffed with onions, smoked bacon and pickled cucumber stewed in a home-made sauce
  • Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms
  • Small flat noodles with poppy seeds, honey and dried fruits
  • Mashed potato


  • Salmon flakes marinated in lemon and green pepper
  • Trout in a delicate jelly
  • Galantine from royal carp with delicacies in delicate jelly
  • Cod fried in Greek sauce
  • Loin of pork roasted in spices and herbs
  • Tenderloin „Czarnolas” stuffed with boletus
  • Duck stuffed after KASHELLAIN
  • Exquisite goose pate


  • Cinnamon cheesecake
  • Poppy seed cake
  • Honey cake that plums soaked in red wine
  • Spread the gingerbread with plum jam
  • Compote of dried fruits

The price of the buffet is PLN 79 / person. Children under 9 years participate in the event for free. During the buffet, the children are cared for by qualified help, who encourages children to play on the Playground, play the arts while scribbling coloring books, and teaches simple words and phrases in the language of the „visited” region!

phone: 666 368 334


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