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Evening Gala of Employers of Pomerania

Evening Gala of Employers of Pomerania

By In GłównePosty
On 26 January in the AmberExpo Exhibition and Conference Center, another Pomeranian Employers’ Evening Gala will take place – an event that has become a permanent part of the annual calendar of the most prestigious meetings of the business world with representatives of authorities, local governments as well as culture and science.

The Evening Employer’s Gala of Pomerania is the culmination of the „Pomeranian Employer of the Year” competition. During the event, the Golden Oxer statuettes are also awarded to entrepreneurs who, in building their company, were guided by the developmental consequence of the implementation of the adopted strategic goals and „Primum Cooperator” for scientists whose work combines economic and scientific development effectively. The special guest of this year’s gala will be prof. Jerzy Stuhr.

The Amber Side team will once again have the honor to serve guests, representatives of the authorities, business and the world of science and culture invited to the Gala.